3 Ways to Fall Forward This Season

The Autumn Equinox is a powerful time to get clear on where we are, where we are going and finding our purpose. You know that there is a difference in the air. The nights are starting to be tinged with a bit of cold and the trees are turning red, orange or yellow. The Autumn […]

5 Healthy Habits That Promise a Fulfilling Summer

Warm weather and freedom bring the perfect opportunity to move toward healthier habits to heal your mind, body and spirit. Everyone has their own favorite sights, scents, tastes, music, and memories of summer — the traditional season of relaxing and living. Beaches, mountains, forests, and parks call to us while work-day responsibilities fade into the background. What will […]

3 Simple Ways to Embrace Spring

Spring is the season of hope -a time of new beginnings and new growth. We often put all our energy into creating a fresher, cleaner version of ourselves in January. From a logical new year perspective, it does make sense. But there is something to be said for hibernating up until March. As the days roll […]

5 Gentle Ways to Teach Peace to a Child

This holiday season, let there be peace on earth by giving our children these simple gifts that cost nothing. “In a gentle way, you can shake the world” said Mahatma Gandhi. I’ve taken those words to heart this year. The world is in so much pain and the cry for change has never been more […]